Oh My Goddess! Episode 4: The Long Way Om

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.

Hello magical ones!

We have a question for you. How can things in one’s life at times be so synchronistic, so liberating, so life-giving, and also simultaneously so confusing, uncertain, and upside-down?

That’s how we feel in processing the our return home from Burning Man and the ensuing 100 days of homelessness that we endured. But sometimes you’re just in the swamps of it, now aren’t ya?

(And usually you get out just fine, now don’t ya.)

Well we left Burning Man after 8 days in one of the harshest environments on the planet (which, THAT was immediately preceded by a 4-day upheaval to move everything we own into a storage unit…whew!) and then we came to fully realize that we had a grand ole leisurely couple of weeks before we had to be home.

(And the funny thing was that we didn’t even HAVE a home! That was the joke, the big what-the-fuck fart of a cosmic joke.)

Well so we went to Lake Tahoe and landed after the burn – along with a slew of other burners, as we noticed – and that was magical enough, but then we went to the super mystical portal that is Mount Shasta.

Now, Mount Shasta was an experience alright. Even approaching the mountain there was an air of otherworldliness, an ancient folklore in the air like long shadows from a sleepy sun. We had planned to stay at a campsite a little ways away from the mountain, though once we arrived we quickly found out that ALL of the campsites were full. So it’s like 2am and we’re in disbelief and questioning everything and so we just drove to the top of the mountain – literally to as far to the top as you can drive – and there we SLEPT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, because it was either that or sleep all crunched up in the full-to-the-brim car.

Yes mom, there were bears, and yes there were mountain lions, and yes we still slept on the side of the road. (LIVING FREE!) ….And also this experience served to let us fully realize that we were indeed homeless, and what a ton of bricks (hilarious, surreal bricks that is) it felt like to come to this conclusion.

So we laughed our ass off at the top of that mountain, loud as hell laughs about our situation, and we were absolutely certain that we woke up the entire area, both the people sleeping in their cars, and the bears and mountain lions to boot.

In any event the next 4 days were glorious (once we got a campsite that is), and next door to us we met a fantastic couple Eric & Angela of San Antonio creative company Orgone Crystal Alchemy who make these beautiful works of art, and we talked into the night about spiritual transformation, and what it means to voice as creative, sensitive beings, and extraterrestrials and the like.

And also, of notable mention is our climb up to the summit of MOUNT SHASTA, because we climbed a motherloving mountain and it was a major life event.

Anyway. Soon thereafter we drove to Sedona, and the travels were largely uneventful save for the time when Astra was sleeping and I (Clementine) looked down to realize that the GAS MILEAGE RANGE WAS LITERALLY ZERO MILES and we almost ran out of gas because of it except for there was immediately an exit and a gas station at that very moment and everything turned out to be fine, somehow.

Sedona was awesome but we really needed a shower. LOL. So we looked at our options online and it was a total bust for the most part unless we wanted to pay $15 each to the travel stops, and the local pool was closed for some reason, so we ended up going to a gym and that was probably the best damn shower of our lives.

Well so Sedona has these magical vortexes as you may know, places where the ancients would gather and where the trees grow in a twisted pattern because the energy is so strong, and we hit all of them while we were there, because that’s how we roll. And it was a glorious time, especially the full moon drum circle gathering at Cathedral Rock on our last night in town, where we got to connect with our masterful friend Sandra Walter and sit up there on the mountain with her for hours under the full moon, asking her all kinds of questions about the universe and the ascension. This was a major fangirl moment for us because she is such a leader in our field, and that alone was a major highlight of our whole trip.

There were many other great times in Sedona – masterminding with a new group of friends, creek swimming, rock shopping – but eventually we had to head back after a week of camping there and traveled home. But we didn’t have a home so instead it was various homes of people in our community who opened their hearts to us in our time of need, and it was beautiful and affirming in so many ways to have all of these beautiful people show up for us, and we learned a lot in this time.

There was this keen feeling that we were like traveling monks, bringing our love and skills and healing intentions into every “village” that we stayed in, changing up the patterns, transforming spaces and families and flows, and anchoring love into every place we stayed.

We are forever grateful for this time that taught us so much about how to receive. I know we have said it a lot, but thank you to everyone who hosted us, donated to us, and encouraged us through such a challenging time. We will never forget your kindness and love.

And without further ado, here is Oh My Goddess! Episode 4: The Long Way Om. From our hearts to yours!

Thank you for reading and for watching – we are honored to be connected to you!

In love, awe, gratitude and wonder,

Clementine and Astra ✦

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.

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