Oh My Goddess! Episode 3: In Dust We Trust: Burning Man 2019

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.

Hello family!

Coming to you from a strange place – a seeming cloud floating on top of reality perhaps? – a tired, surreal, distant type of mindspace that might be described as “fairy-tale nostalgia with a silly, naughty twist.”

We are writing this in a coffee shop in South Lake Tahoe, our landing pad after such a wild time in the desert at the the World Mecca for the Weird that is Burning Man…

And MAN, was it weird! We stayed at an art car camp and had the strange pleasure of riding around in the Wet Pussy for most of the week, a “car” that is a cat bathtub that glows and meows aloud, complete with pink leather and mosaic tile inside.

Remembering it now, the opportunity to “Goddess” about from the art car, blowing kisses to admiring strangers, flowing with music meant for aliens with good taste, riding high above the RV rooftops to see the sunsets and sunrises through the dust…. Thank you sweet Lady Pussy for the joy of knowing you, and to sweet Marina for making you!

We got to visit a camp called “Entheogenesis” which is run by a branch of MAPS called the Zendo Project, running around in small circles with such people as Rick Doblin, Annie Oak, Paul Stamets, and Alex & Allyson Grey…. epic!

Another strange experience was experiencing a “shaman’s death” ceremony at the North Gate of the temple…. a growling medicine man named Barnaby and his troupe of drumming chanters all around all taking us through a guided ego death…. Barnaby spit tequila on our foreheads after which we were blindfolded and smudged with sage while being led through a series of ritualistic steps through death, all the while experiencing a trance-like state as if we had died and were walking through the Bardo to the next realm….

Mecca for the Weird, indeed. Nights were cool and psychedelic, lights abounding in every corner of the known playa perimeter, a sea of LEDs in every direction. Art installations for days (literally), to the point that you could never see it all. Biking around the streets of a temporary city, visiting a true human-hearted temple and sharing prayers with the wooden walls before they burned, receiving gifts at every turn – would you like a coconut water? A hot meal? A margarita? How about a sweet, soft place to nap and escape the afternoon sun. Or anything else you can imagine being offered to you from an open heart and a smiling face, reflections of yourself so clear and true because this is a place where you can be authentic and not be judged or persecuted for it. Freedom on Earth for all who could make it.

Which, constantly at every turn we reflected on what a privilege it was to be there. How many couldn’t make it, how many can’t even get food to eat let alone a trip to this wild and magical place…

But in reflecting on this, we felt that we were supposed to be there, and indeed could not have made it without the help from our community. Though what a miracle it was to live in a place that gifts a (temporary) glimpse into what humans could be without the artificial constructions of time, money, hardship, isolation… where everything is free flowing, where people are open to expressing fully, where no one makes you feel out of place for being different than them, because they are “different” too.

This is the New Earth, the world that we are creating. For as we reject the separation, the judgment, the shame, the self-suppression, the very real oppression of this world – we come together to create. To inspire, to express, to burst out of our shells like a passionate, miraculous wave of lifeforce onto this plane. Gift economy, togetherness, bridging across social barriers, inclusion, immediacy in the moment, expression and inclusion – THIS is the future, and thank Goddess for the opportunity to experience it in real life for one week out of the year.

And from this, our gift to you, a peek into what we experienced over the 8 days we spent in the otherwise lifeless desert. Though keeping in mind – this is our personal expression and experience, in no way endorsed by the Burning Man organization, nor intended to generate a profit or commercial gain. This is an artistic expression of our souls as we document a journey through metamorphosis, a song of our souls to share with our people, a message of and a call for transformation.

Thank you for reading and for watching – we are honored to be connected.

In love, awe, gratitude and wonder,

Clementine and Astra ✦

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.

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