Oh My Goddess! Episode 1: Burning Man or Busk

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.

Hey hey hey!

Clem and Astra here, coming to you with a stunning new unfoldment, a situation that has created itself over the last week and suddenly arrived at our feet like a gift with a bow on the porch on Christmas morning. 

A bit of backstory: all throughout July we were innocently preparing for the journey of a lifetime to go to Burning Man for the first time, when we got the VERY inconvenient and sudden news from our landlord that we were going to have to move right before we were supposed to leave. Yikes!!!

Of course this was a shock-and-tumble situation, putting us in a precarious situation logistically and financially. But we followed a call of our souls to ask for help to bridge the gap, and a GoFundMe to support the journey was formed.

Well in an interesting parallel experience, we had for months been brainstorming about creating a new media platform for all of our wild ideas around spirituality and the like; the GoFundMe offered an organic opportunity to create it and share it with our community. And so, a spontaneous video creation fell out of us like a wish to the universe and now the whole thing is live and here we are!

So with that we announce the launch of our new media platform called

✦  Oh My Goddess!  ✦

It’s amazing what happens when you align yourself with the forces of creation!! 

Oh My Goddess is a 5D Media Platform centered around spirituality and the awakening. Here we aim to bring you conscious comedy, magic, metaphysical education, and sociopolitical commentary from a high-vibrational mind.

For now we are focusing on videos (think skits like on SNL, but conscious), though it will eventually include a podcast as well. The project will be centralized here on the blog.

Our first episode (which we think is HILARIOUS) explores how we got to this precarious point and our process in dealing with it; our next episode will cover our packing and moving process, and then after that – the road trip to Burning Man and beyond. So if you ever wondered what we might be up to behind the scenes, or what it might be like to live life in full-time devotion to the awakening, tune in and see what unfolds; we think you might enjoy it (and probably laugh your ass off too)!

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We’re feeling so inspired and grateful, even as we prepare to pack up all of our belongings into a storage unit and face a very uncertain next couple of months. Our community has shown us such kindness and encouragement through all of this and we cannot thank you all enough. Deep gratitude for the prayers, donations, affirmations, gifts, and assistance at this time… we are finally feeling like we’ve caught a wave, and it feels like it’s going to be a BIG one. 

Til soon!

Clementine and Astra  ✦

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.

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